Meet Aperion Academy's Inhabitants

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Bobby Sterling

Our young hero. Hero would be a stretch, however. The academy reluctantly thrust him into something he doesn't understand and is as ordinary as they come. At least he likes exploring and solving puzzles, because that'll come in handy.
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Professor Bink

Apeiron Academy's lead professor. But don't ask him anything because he either won't answer or he'll ramble on for ten minutes. He loves inventing and sharing his creations, and that's when the rambling starts.
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One of Bobby's love interests. She's caring, positive and quite shy but will strike if agitated. She loves video games, animals and cute things. Bobby's growing on her too.
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Oliver Rich

A spoiled brat and Bobby's archenemy, despite not knowing each other. He loves being the center of attention and will ensure that's always the case, even if that means hurting someone else.
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Professor Liken

She's the glue that holds the academy together. She's had every job available and is very understanding and comforting. If she gives a wink, she likes you but not in that way.
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The academy photographer. It'll sneak up on you when you least expect it. But don't get mad because it can't do anything else. Just remember to smile.
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